Secondary school

He Thought Primary School Would Be the End of His Education - it Wasn't

"The finger of the Lord pointed at me to be the first graduate in our family and no one bent it."

Meet One of the Graduates: Modester

On June 29, Modester will be among the first 40 students to graduate from COTN's secondary school in Malawi—an accomplishment she never thought was possible. Modester lost her father when she was very young and wouldn’t have been able to attend school without her sponsors. Thanks to people like you, she’s had the support she needs—everything from food to school supplies to spiritual guidance and encouragement—to complete school, as well as an excellent school to attend! Here are her reflections as she prepares for graduation:

He Was Never Supposed to Walk, Let Alone Graduate

They said Grecious would never walk.  Born with cerebral palsy in a village in Malawi, Grecious had no access to medical care or physical therapy. In rural Malawi, many children with disabilities end up ignored, abused, or even dead.

Counting Everything as Joy: Linda's Story

The first thing you notice about Linda is her smile.  "She counts everything as joy," says Children of the Nations (COTN) Village Partnership Program Coordinator Chikondi Kadongola.  If you consider what Linda has been through in her sixteen years of life, you realize this joy is truly a gift from God.

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