How to Pray for Haiti During Civil Unrest

With the recent civil unrest in Haiti, we’ve had lots of questions from concerned churches and partners—how can we pray for Haiti? How bad is it? Are the children okay?

If You Believe: Seeing God’s Power in Haiti

Cassia Burke, former COTN staff writer, recently took her first trip to Haiti as COTN's Haiti country liaison. While there, she witnessed God at work, and she was kind enough to write down her experience and share it with us.

5 Ways to Pray for Your Sponsored Child

Prayer is one of the most important gifts you give your sponsored child. Know that your sponsored child treasures your prayers. . .and prays for you too.

Lenten Prayer and Fasting, Week One: God is Listening

Will you pray and fast with us this Lent? Each week, we will be posting a short devotional, prayer requests, and a recipe for a simple dish similar to what our children eat.

Here's how you can join us: Choose a day to give up a fancy meal and fast by preparing the recipe at the bottom of this page. Spend time that night lifting up the prayer requests for the week. If God leads you to make a gift as well, you can do so here

Seven Prayers for Your Sponsored Child

As I said last week, praying for your sponsored child is one of the best things you can do for him or her. So, I’ve created one week’s worth of prayer ideas based on Bible verses! 

Four Creative Prayer Prompts for You

One of the best things you can do for your sponsored child is pray for them. But it’s not always easy to know how. Your child is so far away, and honestly, our lives are busy. But we know how important prayer is, so here are a few creative prayer prompts for you and your family.

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