Help needy children

Your Shoes and Meals Reach Haiti

On October 13, 2012, people from all over Orange County, California, came together to change children's lives.  In one day, 750 people gathered in the warehouse of local business Applied Medical and packaged more than 80,000 meals to send to children in Haiti.  Volunteers loaded the meals, along with shoes and SmilePacks® filled with hygiene and school supplies, into a shipping container to be sent to needy children in Haiti.

Head of the Household at Eight: Emmanuel's Story

In Uganda, diseases and war have killed so many parents that child-headed households are not rare.  But Emmanuel's situation was especially bad.  Emmanuel's father died when Emmanuel was seven and left his mother with a nursing baby.  When one year later his mother also passed away, Emmanuel was left to care for the baby and a younger sister.  "I had to parent my siblings," Emmanuel shares.  "I had to go into the bush looking for wild fruits and vegetables to prepare as meals," he remembers.  "This would make me weep a lot."

One Purse is Bringing Clean Water to Malawi

Right now, hundreds of children in Chirombo, Malawi, walk more than a mile every day to get water. Partners like you have already helped build one well in this impoverished village, and you’re raising money to build two more to provide safe drinking water for all of Chirombo’s children. Heather Case of Orlando, Florida, is doing her part to help, one purse at a time.  

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