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How an African Housewife Inspired a Florida Woman to Do More

To hear the full story, listen to COTN's Beyond the Village podcast, How a Malawian Housewife and a Girl with Special Needs Inspired a Florida Family to Do More.

“Once my husband and I got married and he got his first real job, he wanted to buy a nice car; but then reality set in,” says Carolyn Berger, a COTN partner who lives in central Florida. “He did drive a beater,” she recalls, laughing. “The back light would hang out.”

Four Everyday Ways to Help Children in Need

Most of us can’t get through a week without doing a few basic chores like taking out the trash and grocery shopping.

Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise Uses His Success to Help Children in Africa

David Wise, who skied a near-perfect run through sleet and fog to become the first-ever Olympic gold medalist in halfpipe skiing Tuesday in Sochi, has intrigued the media with his family values and squeaky clean image. 

Why Do You Give?

Confession: I am a guilty giver.

For most of my life—especially after I visited Uganda for the first time—my financial gifts were motivated by an overwhelming sense of guilt. Guilt over how much I had, compared to how little the children there had. Guilt over the luxuries I enjoyed just by virtue of living in the United States, compared to the struggle that was daily life for an orphaned child in Uganda. 

Dominicans Lead the Charge toward Clean Water

Dave Thomas watches proudly as Yelin, a young man who grew up in Children of the Nations' (COTN) child sponsorship program in the village of Altagracia, Dominican Republic, sets up the water purification system. Dave, an expert in clean water systems, has been training Yelin on how to use this one. Yelin pours one small cup of salt into a long tube of water and sends an electric charge through the water using a large battery.

The Faithful 4H: Kids Package Meals for Sixth Year in a Row

Rabbits might be their common ground, but nothing gets the kids from this 4H club more excited than packaging meals for children in need. 

Jesus Christ Soccer Star: Athletes Point Children toward God

Hundreds of people came from the nearby villages to the Children of the Nations (COTN) campus in Malawi. It was the first day of a soccer tournament hosted by a Venture Team from Summit Church in Orlando, Florida. Everyone was eager to show off their soccer moves, including COTN’s in-country staff. With a running sports commentary over a loudspeaker, the games began. 

Waiting on, and Hoping in, the Lord

While studying through Psalms recently, my eye was drawn to the phrase “wait on the Lord.” There are endless promises for those who wait on the Lord, but I am always amazed at how little I actually wait on God. 

A Bigger Family Than They Ever Hoped For

Osman was eight years old, and his sister Hawa was only six, when their father died from kidney disease.  Their mother was very sick as well—too sick to care for her children. At that time, Hawa and Osman didn't know where their next meal would come from. They had no hope for their future. But today, thanks to you, their lives look very different.

Would You Take a Pie in the Face to Feed Children in Africa?

Would you take a pie in the face to feed children in Africa?

Three teachers from the Bear Creek School in Redmond, Washington, did just that on Wednesday, March 20th. The entire middle school had gathered to package meals with Children of the Nations (COTN). The students wanted to raise as much money as possible to send as many meals as they could to children in need in Africa and the Caribbean. They came up with lots of creative ideas to raise money, including a raffle to throw a pie in a teacher's face!

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