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Sponsorship Teaches Stiven About Love, Peace, and Respect

Life is hard for boys like Stiven in the impoverished village of Pueblo Nuevo, Dominican Republic. In this part of the world, boys learn at an early age to be scrappy, act tough, and do whatever is necessary to survive. Stiven’s future did not look much better than his father’s, who works as a chiripero—someone who does odd jobs no one wants, including work as a freelance security guard protecting properties with only a machete. 

Little Jesus in Los Robles

The following was written by Pastor Brent James of Peninsula Bible Fellowship in Bremerton, Washington, during a recent Venture Trip to the Dominican Republic. 

This afternoon we headed back to the Dominican community of Los Robles to play more baseball with the children.  After three innings, I went back into the neighborhood to look around, meet some people, and take some pictures.

My Lord Cares For Me: Hannah's Story

Hannah collapsed by her bed and buried her face in her arms. She knelt there crying and praying—overwhelmed by everything that was happening in her life. Today, as she remembers that moment, Hannah says, "I was praying that God would give me mercy." She didn't know that He already had.

Visiting Our Newest Secondary Students

Secondary school is beyond most girls' wildest dreams in Uganda. In fact, only twenty-one percent of all girls, and twenty-two percent of all boys in Uganda attend secondary school. Finishing primary school is hard enough for most children, let alone getting into secondary school and finding the money for tuition.

Maria, Full of Hope—Thanks to You!

"Before COTN, the situation in my house was very tough because we had nothing to eat," says Maria. "But now, my siblings and I are enrolled in the COTN school, and we have all benefitted."

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