Thanks to You, Sierra Leone Students Dream Big

COTN–Sierra Leone students wrote essays as part their application for COTN’s University/Vocational Program. We are so proud of their hard work, and we had to share some of our favorite excerpts with you.

Graduation Photos from the Dominican Republic

On Thursday, July 10, we celebrated the graduation of 68 eighth-graders in the Dominican Republic. At the special ceremony held at COTN's Casa Bethesda ministry center, each student received a certificate in recognition of their achievement. This is a big milestone for these young students. Thank you for making this possible! 

Photos from Graduation in Malawi

Saturday, June 28, was the second-ever graduation at COTN's International Christian Academy in Malawi! Twenty-six students—eleven girls and fifteen boys—walked in the graduation. The event was attended by guardians, some VIPs from the Malawi Ministry of Education, two representatives from the COTN-Malawi board of directors, and our very own Honorable Peter Dimba, Member of Parliament. COTN-Malawi board member Richard Chigwenembe read a greeting to the graduates from COTN founders Chris and Debbie Clark.

"An Honor I Had Never Dreamt Of": Jonathan's Graduation Day

"Had it been that someone ten years ago told me that I would graduate from secondary school, I would not agree to such a thing, since I had no one to give me support so that I could attend school," says Jonathan of Malawi. 

Photos from Our First Graduation at the International Christian Academy!

On Saturday, June 29, the first-ever class of graduates from the International Christian Academy officially received their diplomas! None of these students would have had access to attend secondary school, let alone graduate, if it wasn't for your support—whether you sponsor their education and care, helped build the school they attend, or pray for the children and our ministry in Malawi. 

The photos just came in. Here's a look at that very special day!

Meet One of the Graduates: Modester

On June 29, Modester will be among the first 40 students to graduate from COTN's secondary school in Malawi—an accomplishment she never thought was possible. Modester lost her father when she was very young and wouldn’t have been able to attend school without her sponsors. Thanks to people like you, she’s had the support she needs—everything from food to school supplies to spiritual guidance and encouragement—to complete school, as well as an excellent school to attend! Here are her reflections as she prepares for graduation:

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