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How Two Extra Meals Changed Elizabeth's Life

The sun has set in Uganda, and six-year-old Elizabeth is almost done with her chores. She has walked to the river, filled her bucket high with water, and walked home with it carefully balanced on her head. She has taken a portion of this water, poured it into a basin, and bathed her baby cousin.

Her last task of the day is to build a fire. As the flames grow, her family gathers around with hungry eyes. Elizabeth waits to eat her first and last meal of the day


Your Guide to Gifts with Real Meaning

Do you know where you'll find your Christmas gifts this year? To help make holiday preparations a little easier, here’s a list of ways you can bring a smile to your loved ones while helping children in need at the same time!

Gifts That Bring True Joy

For the past three years, there haven't been any presents under Karen McGrath's Christmas tree. Instead, hanging from the branches are dozens of white envelopes. 

Haitian Children Share How Your Gifts Have Changed Their Lives

Can you imagine going to school without shoes or school supplies, and wearing old dirty clothing while everyone else was dressed in a clean uniform?

Why Do You Give?

Confession: I am a guilty giver.

For most of my life—especially after I visited Uganda for the first time—my financial gifts were motivated by an overwhelming sense of guilt. Guilt over how much I had, compared to how little the children there had. Guilt over the luxuries I enjoyed just by virtue of living in the United States, compared to the struggle that was daily life for an orphaned child in Uganda. 

The Gift of Life: Bibles Bless Children in the Dominican Republic

Walter had never heard the story of Jesus when he began attending school through the Children of the Nations (COTN) child sponsorship program in his community.  But at school he began hearing about this strange man—the miracles he performed, his teachings, his love.  At first, Walter was confused.  "Sometimes I didn't understand the Bible classes," he explains.  Walter went home from class with no one to explain these stories to him, and nowhere to go for answers.

Bikes Multiply Disciples in Sierra Leone

If you think you have to get up early to make it to church, think again.  Osman Kanu, a lay pastor and teacher at the Children of the Nations (COTN) Skills Center in Sierra Leone, begins his Sunday morning while it is still dark.

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