The Top 7 Gifts on the Children’s Christmas Wish List

Apparently a lot of you have taken an interest in Pinterest. Your response to our November post about “Pinteresting” Christmas crafts for your sponsored child was huge! 

Your Farm Gifts Change Lives

As he carefully places a watermelon seed beneath the warm earth in Sierra Leone, Gabriel smiles. He knows the seed will sprout into a plant, which will produce fruit—a delicious snack for him and his friends. 

Rebecca Says Thank You for the Laptop

This fall, Rebecca began her second year at Livingstonia University in Malawi, where she is studying to be a teacher. She just received a laptop, thanks to generous people like you. She would like to express her gratitude for this incredible gift:

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Gift One: Goats!

After his father died, Peter's family never had enough to eat. "My mother could only afford to buy beans and vegetables—but never meat," he says. Every Christmas, Peter's family would scrape together everything they had for a meal. "We would struggle to buy a little meat, but it was never enough." 

Video: Give Joy!

What do you want for Christmas?

Your Gift of Shoes Brings Dignity and Hope

Clement proudly holds up his new shoes and grins widely.  "I don't take this for granted," he says.  "I have never had better shoes." 

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