Children in need

Be a Sponsorship Advocate

Become an advocate for children who need sponsors

You can be an advocate for children in need, by committing to find sponsors for 5 COTN children.

As an advocate, you'll receive information about 5 children who need sponsors, a T-shirt from our "Story Changer" sponsorship campaign, and a list of some simple ideas for how you can talk to your friends and family about sponsoring a child through COTN.

Thank You for the Soap!

It's amazing the difference a bar of soap can make. 

The iPad Versus the Mud Hut

The following is an excerpt from a blog Fraser kept while leading a "Visit Your Sponsored Child" Venture Team to Uganda last summer. Click here to read his earlier post from Malawi.

Women Sew Big Love into Little Dresses

Bellevue, Washington, and Bellevue, Haiti, share a connection that goes beyond their common name. Last fall, a group of women from Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, Washington, sent handmade dresses to girls in the new Children of the Nations (COTN) Village Partnership Program in Bellevue, Haiti. But these dresses had a creative twist—many were made out of pillowcases.

Community Coordinators Help Move COTN Forward

Children of the Nations (COTN) is looking for a person to fill the position of Community Coordinator for the Seattle, Washington, area. This role supports COTN’s ministry by developing relationships with churches who wish to take part in local activities that help bring better care to children in need. Amber Kaiser has served as COTN’s Community Coordinator in San Diego for three years. Below, she shares a little bit about what she does on a daily basis.

Global Book Club

a program of Children of the Nations

The vision of the Global Book Club is "that every child should have access to books." Using donated funds, books, and other resources from generous people like you, Children of the Nations is building libraries for impoverished students in Africa and the Caribbean. Education is a key factor in overcoming poverty, and literacy is an essential part of these children's education.

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