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Aris Speaks for the First Time, Thanks to You

Life is fragile in 10-year-old Aris' impoverished community in the Dominican Republic. Several months ago, his father boarded a motorcycle and never returned home—tragically killed in a road accident.  Aris is one of ten children, and had a serious speech disorder which made him unable to talk.  Without a father to support them, Aris' family was unable to supply the most basic necessities like food and water, let alone the special care and encouragement a child like Aris needed.  

Sponsorship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Sponsors

What specific benefits will the child or student I sponsor receive?
Your donation will help meet the physical, educational, social, and spiritual needs of your child or student. Your donation will go into our sponsorship fund and your child or student will receive the benefits of their program through your contribution. Every child and student in our program is assigned multiple sponsors to meet all of their needs. 

For a few of the specific benefits, see below:

Village Partnership


Children of the Nations focuses on serving orphaned and destitute children, raising them to transform nations. Our Village Partnership Program was designed to specifically meet the needs of children (some who are orphans, some who are not) living with destitute families or caregivers who are unable to fully provide for them.



Children of the Nations has partnered with numerous businesses, organizations, foundations, and churches to serve the mission of raising children who transform nations. In addition to the names on this list, we've established several helpful partnerships within the countries we serve.

Thank you to everyone on this list for making an incredible impact on the children. Thank you, also, to the many individuals and organizations who informally partner with COTN on a one-time or ongoing basis!



Chris Clark, a fifth-generation missionary raised in Africa, and his wife Debbie, a teacher, felt God calling them to minister to and help children around the world.

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