Child sponsorship

Your Support Inspires Junior to Care for Others

Everything changed when Junior's father died. Once one of the better-off families in his village in Malawi—meaning simply that his parents could afford to feed their children three meals each day—Junior and his two siblings suddenly had no one to provide for their needs. 

Jean's First Day of School

"The first day I felt good," Jean says with a shy smile. "But I also was missing my family," he adds.  The seven-year-old Haitian boy had never been to school before in his life.  But in January, people like you changed that. With your support, Children of the Nations (COTN) launched the first Village Partnership Program in Haiti and sent seventy-five children like Jean to school.

Your Meals Provide Timely Aid in Malawi

This year, the people of Malawi are facing severe hunger. More than 1.6 million Malawians will need food aid —almost eight times more than last year—according to the World Food Program.

Three Things Every Sponsor Should Know

It's easy to feel "out of the loop" when you sponsor a child on the other side of the world. You most likely know very little about their culture, daily life, challenges, and thoughts.  With younger children, communication is often difficult. If you're like me, you want to develop a meaningful relationship with your child—but how? 

Would You Like To Hear My Story?

The drums beat a rhythm followed by the voices of the dancers. It is Center Day in Sierra Leone—a day of outreach to the local community through song, dance, games, and other activities. Hundreds of people look on as the recently formed Children of the Nations (COTN) Cultural Dance Troupe glide, shake, and spin through their well-choreographed display.

From the Lips of Children: Fiona and Friends Initiate Door-to-Door Evangelism

When we think about raising children who transform nations, often we think that will happen down the road, once the children grow up and get jobs.  But children like Fiona aren't waiting to grow up to share the love, growth, and transformation God has brought into their lives through partners like you. 

Women Sew Big Love into Little Dresses

Bellevue, Washington, and Bellevue, Haiti, share a connection that goes beyond their common name. Last fall, a group of women from Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, Washington, sent handmade dresses to girls in the new Children of the Nations (COTN) Village Partnership Program in Bellevue, Haiti. But these dresses had a creative twist—many were made out of pillowcases.

An Architect for Algodon: Raisa's Story

Raisa lives in a tiny house in the impoverished Dominican community of Algodon.  Like most of her neighbors, Raisa's home is made of palm wood and covered with a corrugated tin roof.  Like most families around her, Raisa's roof sometimes leaks. And like all the residents of Algodon, Raisa prays for safety during the hurricane and flood season. 

To Banta and Beyond: Your Impact Reaches Far in Sierra Leone

Faith in every footstep, twelve-year-old Umu walks the six miles to school every day from her village in the Banta region of Sierra Leone. The day starts early as Umu gets up before sunrise and prepares for her journey. She used to walk with a friend but this friend recently moved closer to the school. Now Umu makes the trek alone. “I am the only one left on the road,” she says. 

The Gift of Life: Bibles Bless Children in the Dominican Republic

Walter had never heard the story of Jesus when he began attending school through the Children of the Nations (COTN) child sponsorship program in his community.  But at school he began hearing about this strange man—the miracles he performed, his teachings, his love.  At first, Walter was confused.  "Sometimes I didn't understand the Bible classes," he explains.  Walter went home from class with no one to explain these stories to him, and nowhere to go for answers.

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