Child sponsorship

Little Jesus in Los Robles

The following was written by Pastor Brent James of Peninsula Bible Fellowship in Bremerton, Washington, during a recent Venture Trip to the Dominican Republic. 

This afternoon we headed back to the Dominican community of Los Robles to play more baseball with the children.  After three innings, I went back into the neighborhood to look around, meet some people, and take some pictures.

A Visit to Randy's Home

The first thing that struck Brian Ballard and his son Kyle when they walked up to Randy's home in the Dominican Republic, was how large it was. The entire home, which housed ten people, was small by American standards—only about 35 by 25 feet. Yet it was one of the biggest they saw while walking through the impoverished Dominican community of Don Bosco with 6-year-old Randy.

A Miraculous Day in Malawi

The invitations went out by word of mouth—to every family with a child in Children of the Nations' child sponsorship program in Malawi, government officials, business people, and all the local village chiefs.  The staff waited—expecting about 800 people to show up at Children of the Nations' (COTN) ministry center for the first Center Day in Malawi. 

Celebrating the Mosquito Nets You Gave!

Center Day is a day to invite parents, siblings, and the whole surrounding community to celebrate and learn about the transformation people like you are bringing through Children of the Nations (COTN). In Uganda, where Venture participants organized the first-ever COTN Center Day almost two years ago, these celebrations are a regular occurrence. 

A Surprise Guest Says Thank You

The children finished their dance and song, breathless as they put all their energy into the performance. Children of the Nations (COTN) Founders Chris and Debbie Clark had just arrived in Mtsiliza Village in Malawi, and the children did their very best to show their gratitude and excitement with their welcoming performance. 

Our Favorite Books: When Helping Hurts

I'll never forget the feeling. I was in Uganda with another organization, trying to do something good. Trying to spend three short weeks away from home and somehow make a long-term difference for the children I was serving. 

Visiting Our Newest Secondary Students

Secondary school is beyond most girls' wildest dreams in Uganda. In fact, only twenty-one percent of all girls, and twenty-two percent of all boys in Uganda attend secondary school. Finishing primary school is hard enough for most children, let alone getting into secondary school and finding the money for tuition.

They Call Her ‘Agogo’

Lori Campbell started selling books online to raise money for her many trips to Malawi. But last year God gave her a new idea: to use the money to sponsor children as well. She began with five children, but plans to include many more. “God laid on my heart the number eighty,” she says. “I wish I could sponsor the entire village!”

Your Medical Care Brings Healing and Joy to Charly and His Family

When eight-year-old Charly fell sick, his mother did what she had been doing for years. With no money to bring him to the hospital, she scraped together all her spare cash and brought him to every cheap clinic in the area. Mostly makeshift offices selling a few drugs, none of them were able to help.

How I Built a Relationship with My Sponsored Child

Each child sponsorship relationship is unique, as every sponsor and child are different. This is the story of how Isaura and I built our relationship through Children of the Nations (COTN) sponsorship.

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