Child sponsorship

Your Support Saves Entire Families

It all happened so fast. Ney's father was coming home from working all day—selling small items on the street. It's always dangerous driving a motorcycle through the crowded streets of the Dominican Republic, where few people obey traffic rules and even fewer wear helmets. Somehow, he had always made it home fine, and he wasn't worried. 

Welcoming Others as He Was Welcomed: Spengy's Story

If you travel to Sierra Leone with Children of the Nations (COTN), a tall young man with a warm smile will greet you like you are family. Throughout your time there, you may see him in the kitchen, serving you, or supervising a small group of Sierra Leonean teenagers as they clean, cook, and serve you and your team. 

God Always Watches Over Us: Walquidea's Story

The bell rings and the children rush out of class to lunch. Twelve-year-old Walquidea heaps her plate high—she's not sure if she will have dinner at home tonight. 

One Year of Transformation in Photos

One year ago, the first seventy-five children were identified for child sponsorship in Haiti, and officially became part of our first Haitian Village Partnership Program. 

A group of American doctors was there to help welcome these new children into the program. They gave them their first medical checkup of their lives.

My Sponsored Child Gave Me a Name

I sit here on the porch, smiling and praising God as I watch the African sun go down over the rolling hills in the west. The clouds shift, constantly changing from striking golds to deep purples. 

God Does Not Abandon Us: Sarah's Story

Sarah couldn't believe her eyes. In front of her was the most beautiful bed she had ever seen. "I was shocked when they told me it was my own!" she laughs, remembering the moment she realized she would be sleeping in a real bed for the first time. 

COTN Founders Tour

Join us this fall at an event near you

Children of the Nations founders Chris and Debbie Clark are visiting several of our partner churches this fall. They'll be sharing exclusive updates on what God is doing in children's lives through the support of partners like you. Our special focus during this season is child sponsorship

We would love to see you at one or more of these gatherings!

Parents Learn to Read, to Help their Children Succeed

Yaquelin hid her face in embarrassment. She had to sign a form for her children at the clinic, but she was afraid she'd give away her secret by doing so. 

Building a Future for Children in Haiti

Despite the thick, humid air, the team presses on. They want to finish building the classroom roof before it rains. 

Teddy Stays in School, Thanks to You

Teddy couldn’t focus on her school teacher’s lesson because she was trying to find a way to sneak out. She loved being in school, but her mother had left dinner cooking over the fire, and Teddy was worried. It was the only food Teddy and her family would get to eat that day, and if she didn’t get home soon, it would be burned.

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