Child sponsorship

What My Sponsored Kids Mean to Me

Child sponsorship is an interesting thing. In my more cynical of seasons I saw it as something to do to make yourself feel better about the fact that you have excess and others don’t. Perhaps that’s because of the guilt-trip commercials that always catch me off guard. 

Running 200 Miles for Child Sponsorship

Could I really run 32 miles in two weeks? It would be a lot of work, but if people supported the idea, I would do it. 

Meet the Graduates: Maria's Story

If you knew Maria's story, you'd realize why graduating from high school was an accomplishment beyond her wildest expectations.

Maria still can't believe it. On Sunday, June 29, she will graduate from high school. "I never knew that one day I'd be graduating from high school," she says, still amazed that this day has actually come. 

The Four-Year-Old Who Slept on the Street

Beatrice's favorite Bible story is that of Moses. This quiet six-year-old doesn't hesitate when asked why. "It teaches us that God protects us in difficult times until we reach our destiny," she says. 

God Rescues Us from Our Affliction: Olga's Story

Ten-year-old Olga had the responsibilities of an adult. Her mother was too sick to do any housework, and Olga was the oldest girl, leaving her with the responsibility of running the house. 

When You Educate the Girl Child, You Educate the Whole Nation

If it was not for you, Mariatu would have ended her education years ago. She began school when she was seven years old, but it was a challenge for her parents to find the money to send her. "My parents found it difficult to enroll me at school," she says.  

God Chose My Sponsored Child for Me

Almost everyone on Chelsea’s Venture Trip to Malawi already sponsored a child there. At the team meetings and on the flights over, they gabbed cheerfully about what it would be like to reunite with their sponsored child or see them for the first time. But not Chelsea. She still didn’t know who she was there to meet. 

My Day with a Malawian Family

Today I visited with a family in what is called cultural immersion training. I, along with my translator, Steve, went to visit a young mother named Lenia. She and her husband have three children—two daughters and one little boy. With Steve's help, we asked questions back and forth. That visit was nice, but it was only part of the adventure. 

A Life Full of Love: Marleny's Story

Marleny has never known her father or her mother, and yet she says her life is full of love. How is this little orphan so full of life, love, and hope? The answer has to do with you—the Children of the Nations (COTN) family. 

A Year of Good Works Pays Off

A flood of kindergarten and nursery school-age children rush into the tarp shelter. At the helm is Marc Antoine Michel, the energetic and loving Village Partnership Program coordinator in Haiti. A host of parents herd the children from the sides, helping them into their seats as they get ready for their after-school activities. And running around helping everyone with anything they need is a young teenager. 

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