Child sponsorship

I Must Tell My Story: Ireen Banda of Malawi

Sitting in the American camp office and laughing about campers and cultural differences, you couldn’t feel farther away from the harsh world Ireen paints with her stories. But they are her life—though it’s hard to believe this soft-spoken, confident, beautiful young Malawian woman was once fighting on the street for food to bring back to her abusive father and dying mother. 

With God All Things are Possible: Promise's Graduation Story

“If it wasn’t for COTN, I would be married by now,” Promise begins her story.

Crossing Africa to Achieve a Dream: N'gardy Graduates from College

Two years ago a young woman who had never even left her country set off on a journey across Africa. Her goal was to earn a college degree—an accomplishment both rare and difficult where she comes from. The path she took to get there certainly wasn’t typical. But then again, no former orphan girl from a remote village in Sierra Leone who earns a college degree could be called typical. 

Nineteen-Year-Old Mother Gets a New Home and a New Start

Nineteen-year-old Rosibel didn’t get to start her family on her terms. There are few examples of happy, functioning families in the Dominican slum she lives in.

Ritah Finds Hope and a Home through Sponsorship

Ritah’s life was a challenge before she even opened her eyes. Her father died of malaria before she was born, leaving Ritah with only her mother for support and protection in her Ugandan village. Five years later, Ritah’s mother also passed away, and Ritah went to live with her aunt.

A Sponsor's Perspective: God Is Working through Child Sponsorship

I’ve wanted to sponsor a child for a long time. I made excuses about the money and the timing, and I wondered if my small contributions could even make a dent in such enormous issues as poverty and injustice and limited access to education.

How Esther’s Sponsors Gave Her a Vision for the Future

Esther is a senior at COTN’s International Christian Academy in Malawi, where she loves studying science. It’s her last year of secondary education, and she’s hoping to follow up high school by training to be a nurse. Her aim is to bring healing to the sick in places where proper medical attention is difficult to reach. 

How One Visit to the Doctor Turned a Boy's Life Around

I couldn’t wait to begin my interview with 12-year-old Rivaldo. He didn’t know it, but I did a story a couple of months ago about a middle school student named Peter who sells his art to sponsor Rivaldo. I was thrilled to be able to visit Haiti, meet the child Peter is sponsoring, and find out how he is doing.

God Opens Doors: Emmanuel’s Story

“I was more of a herdsman than a child,” Emmanuel says of his life before Children of the Nations (COTN). Orphaned at age six when his father succumbed to a month-long illness, Emmanuel was sent to live with his uncle and aunt in their village in Uganda

A Father’s Perspective on Child Sponsorship

As Tim Pelczar listened to his friend describe the struggles of the children he’d met in Malawi, Tim couldn’t help but think of his nine-year-old son, Christian. What if Christian didn’t have enough food? What if he couldn’t go to school? Would someone help his son? “As a father, you don’t want to see any child suffer,” Tim says. 

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