Sponsorship Saves Baby Christophe's Life

Cevenie had eight children when she found out she was pregnant with twins. If you think ten children would be a challenge, imagine supporting that many children in Haiti. Cevenie and her husband Andrenor barely had enough money to fully provide for their family.

What Does the Christmas Story Mean to a Child in Uganda?

The story of the birth of Jesus is relevant to our children in countless ways. For an orphaned, abandoned, neglected, or impoverished child in Uganda, the birth of Christ is the message of hope to them who had given up in life. It is deliverance from the past of despondency and destruction masterminded by war. It is freedom from marginalization, poverty, and above all, sin. 

A Surprise Visit

I made the journey to the remote village of Mokpangumba to meet my sponsored child, Alfred, about two weeks into my summer in Sierra Leone. As I wrote in a previous post, it was an adventure I’ll never forget. Still, after returning to COTN’s ministry center, I wished I could see Alfred again. But I knew my team wasn’t planning on making the trek back to Mokpangumba before we went home.

"An Honor I Had Never Dreamt Of": Jonathan's Graduation Day

"Had it been that someone ten years ago told me that I would graduate from secondary school, I would not agree to such a thing, since I had no one to give me support so that I could attend school," says Jonathan of Malawi. 

He Was Never Supposed to Walk, Let Alone Graduate

They said Grecious would never walk.  Born with cerebral palsy in a village in Malawi, Grecious had no access to medical care or physical therapy. In rural Malawi, many children with disabilities end up ignored, abused, or even dead.

A Sponsored Child from God

The following was written by Susan Price, a Venture participant who traveled to the Dominican Republic for the first time with Children of the Nations in May. 

Five Tips for Choosing a Child to Sponsor

So you want to sponsor a child. Great! But if you’re like me, or my friends, or almost anyone else, you might be having trouble choosing a specific child.  How do you pick just one out of the sea of little faces on our Sponsor a Child page

Surviving Against All Odds: Edward's Story

Four-year-old Edward had little chance of surviving. Malnourished, sick, and orphaned, even his well-meaning uncle knew he couldn't save him. His uncle was barely able to provide enough food for Edward to survive, and couldn't even dream of paying for the medical care Edward needed.

How Do You Choose a Child to Sponsor? Kadie's Testimony

I had recently been reading a book and doing a Bible study that really got me thinking outside the box.  I kept feeling a tug at my heartstrings for children in other countries who truly have nothing compared to the luxuries we enjoy. I have a former co-worker who I knew sponsored a child, so I asked her which organization she went through. When I looked up Children of the Nations, I was so happy to see that it was a local group and it just felt right! Immediately I started looking at all the children. What a heartbreak!

Four Ways to Shake Up Your Christmas Routine and Bless Others

At Christmas, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, most of us take time to be with our loved ones and give gifts to those who are close to us. But it also can be fun to add some Christmas activities that bring blessings to others. Here are four ways to shake up your Christmas routine and bless children in need!

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