From Desperation to Director: How One Young Man Escaped Poverty and Became Director of a Hospital

Years ago, if you had asked any boy in Algodón what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would have eagerly answered, “A baseball player!” Now, the boys in Algodón want to become doctors, just like Antonio. 

Exciting Updates from I Love Baseball

We are coming up on the 10-year anniversary of the I Love Baseball (ILB) program!

To celebrate, we wanted share some of the major ILB milestones that you made possible.

Dominican Athletes Share their Love for Baseball with Local Children

Standing in the middle of happy chaos, Rob Allan wonders where to begin. Boys had come from every corner of the community and were bubbling over with unrestrained excitement—the I Love Baseball (ILB) team was here to teach them! 

God Looks at the Heart

As a child in elementary school I don’t recall ever being chosen first for the daily kickball games that took place on the playground. My less-than-amazing running and kicking skills led to my demise, so it made sense why I was usually chosen last. I guess I just kept holding out hope that someday maybe someone would do the unimaginable and choose me first. 

I Love Baseball Produces Big Results

There’s more to the worn baseball field than meets the eye. It’s the home of Jean Carlos, Leonardo, and Christopher. This past spring these three rising stars were chosen to play in the Dominican Republic national playoffs for their home province of Barahona. For any player this is a high honor. But for the players in Children of the Nations' I Love Baseball program (ILB), this confirms their non-traditional training program is producing big results. 

Of Beaches and Baseball

It was Tim's Schulte's secret dream to play baseball with Dominicans—some of the best baseball players in the world. But he didn't consider that desire when looking for a trip to take his son on. "More than anything, we wanted to do a mission trip together," he says. 

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