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Prayer Requests for You

Your prayers are so important, and mean the world to our staff and children.  It's because of your prayers that we are where we are today!  Here are some requests you can keep in your thoughts and prayers for the next month.  Thank you for praying!

Teen Uses Her Birthday to Feed Children in Need

What did you do for your fourteenth birthday party? Most of us probably spent the day opening presents and eating cake with friends. But who would have thought of packaging meals for children halfway across the world? That’s exactly what fourteen-year-old Annika decided to do for her birthday party. “For someone who hasn't done this [package meals], it might not seem like the best birthday,” says Annika. “But at the end of this, you have a really good feeling. You don't have a bunch of useless stuff. I mean, this is doing real good.”

Your Meals Are Feeding Children in Haiti

Monday, November 25, was an exciting day in the community of Bellevue, Haiti.  It was the day when all your work and support—the meals you packaged, the donations you gave, and the prayers you prayed—came to fruition.  It was the first day Children of the Nations (COTN) staff in Haiti got to serve a hot, nutritious meal to the first seventy-five children in COTN's recently-launched Village Partnership Program in Bellevue.

Four Ways to Shake Up Your Christmas Routine and Bless Others

At Christmas, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, most of us take time to be with our loved ones and give gifts to those who are close to us. But it also can be fun to add some Christmas activities that bring blessings to others. Here are four ways to shake up your Christmas routine and bless children in need!

Your Gift of Shoes Brings Dignity and Hope

Clement proudly holds up his new shoes and grins widely.  "I don't take this for granted," he says.  "I have never had better shoes." 

You're Never Too Young: 9-Year-Old Collects School Supplies for Africa

Growing up in Gig Harbor, Washington, 9-year-old Kylee Sears has always had all the learning materials she could possibly dream of.  But that doesn't mean she doesn't think about children who don't.  "It would be hard to have no school supplies," she says.  "I imagine writing in the dirt with sticks."

The Gift of Life: Bibles Bless Children in the Dominican Republic

Walter had never heard the story of Jesus when he began attending school through the Children of the Nations (COTN) child sponsorship program in his community.  But at school he began hearing about this strange man—the miracles he performed, his teachings, his love.  At first, Walter was confused.  "Sometimes I didn't understand the Bible classes," he explains.  Walter went home from class with no one to explain these stories to him, and nowhere to go for answers.

Microsoft Employees Come Together to Feed Children

Dean Michelsen is a veteran when it comes to packaging meals for children in need. The Microsoft service engineer experienced his first meal packaging event when his church, Northwest Foursquare Church in Federal Way, Washington, partnered with Children of the Nations (COTN) to help feed thousands of children in Africa and the Caribbean. “Helping the poor is part of the way of life for a Christian,” Dean says. And packaging meals “is a very direct way to get items to the people who really need it.”

Forty-Day Fast Helps Partners Identify with Children

Pastor Brent James was looking for a way to reinvigorate Peninsula Bible Fellowship’s (PBF) relationship with Children of the Nations (COTN) when he stumbled across the book, A Place by the Table, by Chris Seay. The book and devotional series leads individuals or groups through a forty-day solidarity fast with the poor.  This fast pares down the typical American diet to the basics—some of the only foods available to people in impoverished countries.  Brent saw it as a tangible way for his congregation to identify with the children they serve through COTN.

Bikes Multiply Disciples in Sierra Leone

If you think you have to get up early to make it to church, think again.  Osman Kanu, a lay pastor and teacher at the Children of the Nations (COTN) Skills Center in Sierra Leone, begins his Sunday morning while it is still dark.

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