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The Twelve Days of Christmas, Gift One: Goats!

After his father died, Peter's family never had enough to eat. "My mother could only afford to buy beans and vegetables—but never meat," he says. Every Christmas, Peter's family would scrape together everything they had for a meal. "We would struggle to buy a little meat, but it was never enough." 

"Using My Talents to Give Back to the World"

It’s pitch black on stage except for the spotlight on fourteen-year-old Rachna Deshpande in her colorful Indian sari. As the music begins, she captivates her audience with an ancient Indian dance form known as Bharatanatyam. This is her debut performance. But even though this is one of the most significant moments in Rachna’s life, she wants to share the spotlight with children in Haiti.


Cupcakes Spread Joy from Seattle to Africa

The air is filled with the smell of delicious treats and the entire home is buzzing with excitement. With a flourish, Marietta is directed to the seat of honor and her birthday celebration begins. This is the first birthday party she has ever had. She is overwhelmed by all the presents, good food, and the kindness of her new family at the Chitipi Farm Children’s Home in Malawi. It doesn’t take long before Marietta forgets her shyness and joins her friends in singing and dancing.  

Way to Be One!

In the last two months, 265 of you stepped up to sponsor children. Because of you, these children will all be able to begin school this fall! 

Many of you new sponsors shared your testimonies, explaining what led you to sponsor a child. Because we had a goal of 500 sponsors, we counted each of you. Many of you took fun photos with your numbers to go along with your testimonies.

Here are some of your photos and stories. Thank you for making this campaign a success for the children!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Help Children in Haiti!

Three years ago, Diana Osterhues and Frank Schiro of Santa Clarita, California, went on a short trip to Haiti. They didn't know it at the time, but it was the beginning of a long-term commitment. 

A Mission Trip By the Children, For the Children

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a six-year-old on a mission trip? Three families recently found out what it was like when they took their children, ages six to ten, on a Venture Trip to the Dominican Republic. The trip was specially designed for the families and their children, and focused on books—reading, enjoying, and even making them.

A Sponsor’s Journey, Part One: Alicia Chooses Alfred

You might call it a bargain. Alicia, then in her junior year of high school, wanted to sponsor a child, but she had no money. So one day she told God, "If you give me a job, I will sponsor a child." The next weekend, she was hired. So it was pretty clear what she had to do next.

The Faithful 4H: Kids Package Meals for Sixth Year in a Row

Rabbits might be their common ground, but nothing gets the kids from this 4H club more excited than packaging meals for children in need. 

Have You Washed Your Hands Today?

A few days ago, I took care of some very sick little kids for a friend. I can't count the number of times I washed my hands. But each time I did, a wave of relief came over me. "I'm not going to get this nasty bug," I breathed, relieved. 

Five Tips for Choosing a Child to Sponsor

So you want to sponsor a child. Great! But if you’re like me, or my friends, or almost anyone else, you might be having trouble choosing a specific child.  How do you pick just one out of the sea of little faces on our Sponsor a Child page

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