Ways to serve

Gifts That Bring True Joy

For the past three years, there haven't been any presents under Karen McGrath's Christmas tree. Instead, hanging from the branches are dozens of white envelopes. 

Christmas Without Presents

"You want to do what?" 

The Power of Ping Pong

It’s a family pastime, an Olympic sport, and now ping pong is changing children’s lives in Africa and the Caribbean, thanks to employees at Microsoft! 

Farmer Jackson

Jackson grins as he pulls an enormous sweet potato from the ground. "You must work hard to get something," he says, as he proudly examines his produce. There is no doubt that Jackson put a lot of work into this little plot of land that is now producing vegetables for him. But without the right tools and seeds, all his hard work would be in vain. 

A Passion for Fashion—And Africa!

Standing in the middle of her clothing sale in Orlando, Florida, Jeanette Scott is a world away from Sierra Leone. But she’s suddenly overwhelmed by memories of this faraway country that she holds close to her heart. Jeanette was there one year ago on a Venture Trip and began sponsoring a girl named Tenneh. But that was just the beginning.

Haitian Children Share How Your Gifts Have Changed Their Lives

Can you imagine going to school without shoes or school supplies, and wearing old dirty clothing while everyone else was dressed in a clean uniform?

Why Do You Give?

Confession: I am a guilty giver.

For most of my life—especially after I visited Uganda for the first time—my financial gifts were motivated by an overwhelming sense of guilt. Guilt over how much I had, compared to how little the children there had. Guilt over the luxuries I enjoyed just by virtue of living in the United States, compared to the struggle that was daily life for an orphaned child in Uganda. 

Fruit Trees Will Bless Generations of Children

It was raining in Uganda, but that didn’t dampen the girls’ plans. As soon as class was dismissed, they ran out to a patch of land where a Venture Team from Southern California was working hard.

The Sound of Happy Feet in Uganda

Shoes are very important to children in Africa. Without shoes, children are exposed to dangerous parasites and sharp objects that can cause serious wounds and infections. However, in Uganda shoes are often too expensive for families to buy for their children. 

Children Send God's Word Across the World

As soon as seventh-grader Dee walked into the church, he realized he’d forgotten something very important—the pile of coins he’d worked so hard to collect all week. 

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