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How I’m Making Lent Matter

I had no Lenten tradition, growing up Baptist. But now that I'm a member of a church which does observe this significant Christian season, I desire to celebrate it in a significant way. I've tried different "fasts" in previous years, but this year I wanted to make the season of Lent an intentional time of praying for others.

Follow Your Meals to Africa!

Have you ever packaged meals? Every year, thousands of you meet in churches, schools, and community centers to put together lentils, spice, chicken, and rice—the nutritious combination that helps feed thousands of hungry children in Africa and the Caribbean. But what happens to the meals once you seal up your packages?

Follow your meals and find out how they get to the children—and into their bellies!

Learning to Read in Sixth Grade

Alieu had somehow made it to sixth grade without ever learning to read. He started school late, as many children in Sierra Leone do because their parents cannot afford school fees. By the time he was given the opportunity to attend Children of the Nations' school through COTN's child sponsorship program, it was hard for him to catch on.

A Good Roof Helps a Child More Than You Think

Santa Ramirez looked up at the sky and knew tonight would be difficult for her family. Soon it would begin raining, and the tin roof on their home in the Dominican Republic leaked badly. She would have to find enough dry places for all the beds, but with thirteen people crammed into one small home, that wasn’t an easy task. Tonight, no matter what Santa did, her children would end up cold and their belongings would be soaked by the rain. In the morning, they would go to school tired. 

If You Give a Child a Pencil . . .

Two years ago, I stepped into my dream job as a staff writer for Children of the Nations (COTN). In this job, I see the naked reality of the brokenness that was, and the unaccountable, transformative power of the Great Love who is doing a great work in the lives of so many.

Father and Son Climb Kilimanjaro to Help African Children

George Faucher has a dream—to help children in Uganda by climbing Africa’s highest mountain. Today, he and his son, Aaron, will begin an eight-day journey to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. They’re using the trip as a way of raising money to help Children of the Nations (COTN) send much-needed supplies to Africa.

Forgetting About Himself to Love Others: Magnus’ Story

After a long day of work, Uncle Magnus Beah, the Children of the Nations (COTN) Venture Program Director in Sierra Leone, came to the guest house to share with us. 

Making Retirement Count: Jim and Lisa Teach in Africa

Retirement couldn't have been nicer for Jim and Lisa Stowers. They had a beautiful house, a few grandchildren, and a large garden and art studio to spend their days in. But God had bigger plans. 

A Resolution to Live Simply, Give Generously

Dave and Jean Kaiser bought their home with the intention of remodeling it. But when they walked back through the doorway after a two-week trip to Uganda, everything changed. 

Malawian Students Enjoy Learning about Who They Are

It was almost too good to be true. Seniors at the International Christian Academy, COTN’s secondary school in Malawi, were told they had to take a test, but they didn’t have to study for it and there was no such thing as a wrong answer. 

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