Ways to serve

Fifth-Graders Fight Ebola

With energetic clamor, the fifth-grade class of Riverdale Elementary School in Orlando, Florida, settled in for their weekly Wednesday meeting. Their teacher, Jesi Luxon, lets them use this time to talk about whatever is on their minds.

Soccer Tournament Sponsors 24 Children in Sierra Leone

Four days before the 2015 Kitsap Cup soccer tournament, things looked grim. Only 13 teams had signed up. Volunteer tournament director Erin Bernard wondered if the event would raise enough money to continue sponsoring the 17 children in Sierra Leone they’ve supported for the past several years.

Strange for a Purpose

My wife Jen and I recently took a trip to Seattle to celebrate our tenth anniversary. Our home is in the suburban Midwest, so we got a kick out of sampling city life. In the suburbs, most people are trying to “fit in,” while in the city it seems most people are trying to stand out. People do some pretty strange things to stand out—and some are just plain out of their minds! 

Building a Kitchen with My Sponsored Child

There was a rush of excitement and joy as Deron's team arrived at COTN's ministry center in Haiti. About 40 tiny children were lined up, ready to welcome them with songs, dance, and poems. 

Photos from the 2014 Run for Africa

It was inspiring to see hundreds of people come together to raise money to build a library for children in Malawi at our 6th Annual Run for Africa 5K in Winter Springs, Florida. Even if you couldn’t join us for the event, we hope you’ll enjoy these pictures! (See the full album on Facebook.) 


Running 200 Miles for Child Sponsorship

Could I really run 32 miles in two weeks? It would be a lot of work, but if people supported the idea, I would do it. 

We’re Better Together: Meal Packaging Changes Lives Here and in Africa

For years, Jeff Davis has been serving troubled neighborhoods in Fullerton, California. This area, just outside of Los Angeles, has long dealt with gang violence and drug trafficking, among other problems. But this spring, Jeff’s church, The Well, along with several other local churches, took part in a citywide day of service to get their community involved in something positive. The service day, called Love Fullerton, included about 60 different projects for helping others. 

Cycling for Education: Team Sends African Students to College

What happens when four engineers, a writer, a teacher, a nonprofit worker, and a minister go on a six-day cycling trip? This isn’t the start of a bad joke! These intrepid cyclists toured Northern Ireland’s countryside with the goal of sending three African children to university. The trip turned out to be a ‘wheel’ success! The team has already raised money above and beyond their goal.

A City on a Hill: Danilo's New Home Blesses a Community

Ever since the Thayer family saw their sponsored child's home, the difficulty of his situation has weighed heavily on their hearts. 

Remembering Dale Carpenter: The Man Who Fed Thousands of Children

Familiar sounds fill the room at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church: laughter, the rustle of bags being filled with food, and the chant of “lentils, spice, chicken, rice!” But for the people here in Yakima, Washington, today is more than just their annual meal packaging event. Today they are remembering the life and work of Dale Carpenter, who was instrumental in making this ‘Feeding the 5,000’ event an annual affair.

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