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A Sponsor's Journey, Part 5: A New Perspective

To be honest, when I first signed up to sponsor a child I had never met, writing genuine and heartfelt letters was a little difficult. The only thing I knew about him was what I read on his profile. I started my letters with the basics—my family, my hobbies, and my favorite things. But I wanted Alfred to know how much I cared and loved him even though I had never met him. I started praying for Alfred often and would write him telling him that I was praying for him. Then I got an opportunity to actually meet him 

A Sponsor's Journey, Part 4: Over the River and Through the Jungle

My journey to my sponsored child Alfred's home in Mokpangumba, Sierra Leone, was an adventure I will never forget. Not many people I know can say they have trekked through the jungle of Africa. It was raining on my way there so I would definitely describe the one-hour walk as wet. Not to mention the fact that we crossed two rivers by foot and one larger river by canoe. And by “canoe” I mean a giant carved-out log.

Five Minutes with Pastor James

A few weeks ago, our Uganda country director, Pastor James Okalo Ekwang, came to the United States for a visit. I got to sit down with Pastor James and his wife, Agnes, and ask them a few questions about how your support through sponsorship is changing lives in Uganda. Living there, they see the whole picture—see the children and families change, the culture shift, and whole communities have their hope and faith restored. 

A Sponsor's Journey, Part Three: On to Africa!

It was a busy week. Alicia graduated from high school, then graduated from college, and took off on the biggest trip of her life. 

A Sponsor's Journey Continues: Meet Alfred

Alfred is a shy seven-year-old but he doesn’t hesitate when asked where he would be if he wasn't sponsored. “On the farm,” he says. 

Summer Camp in Haiti!

Summer Camps have begun! Thanks to sponsors like you, as well as the Venture Team that raised additional money and worked hard to put on a camp, every child in our Haiti Village Partnership Program got to enjoy many summer activities last week, as well as a special day with their parents—tie-dyeing shirts, doing arts and crafts, playing games, and finally, going to the beach! 

Here are some photos from the week. Thank you to the sponsors, team, and other partners who made this possible! The children had a blast!

A Sponsor’s Journey, Part One: Alicia Chooses Alfred

You might call it a bargain. Alicia, then in her junior year of high school, wanted to sponsor a child, but she had no money. So one day she told God, "If you give me a job, I will sponsor a child." The next weekend, she was hired. So it was pretty clear what she had to do next.

A Unique Bond Across Nations: A Sponsor's Testimony

I first met Grecious in the summer of 2011 during a Children of the Nations (COTN) Venture Trip to Malawi with my church. I was immediately drawn to how, well, gracious he was. Soft-spoken and kind, he welcomed me, a fellow brother in Christ, into his home. Grecious and I share a common bond that allows us to relate to each other in a special way—we both have a disability called cerebral palsy. 

A Sponsored Child from God

The following was written by Susan Price, a Venture participant who traveled to the Dominican Republic for the first time with Children of the Nations in May. 

Five Tips for Choosing a Child to Sponsor

So you want to sponsor a child. Great! But if you’re like me, or my friends, or almost anyone else, you might be having trouble choosing a specific child.  How do you pick just one out of the sea of little faces on our Sponsor a Child page

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