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Thank You for Sponsoring Me: Lydia's Story

Lydia dreaded the first day of school in Uganda

My Sponsored Child Gave Me a Name

I sit here on the porch, smiling and praising God as I watch the African sun go down over the rolling hills in the west. The clouds shift, constantly changing from striking golds to deep purples. 

Three Christmas Crafts Your Sponsored Child Will Love!

If you're a sponsor, you should be getting a personalized Christmas card for your sponsored child in the mail any day now!

If you want to make your child's Christmas extra special, tuck in a few of these Christmas crafts when you send your card back. (Click on each item to see more details via Pinterest!)

A Surprise from My Sponsored Child

I had probably looked at those brown eyes more than a hundred times as I opened and closed my refrigerator door where his photo was clipped. Every single time, I thought about meeting Mphatso, the little boy I began sponsoring earlier this year. 

Surprised By Sponsorship

One of the biggest surprises about the Dominican Republic was how much I fell in love with the people. They are always in motion, always smiling, always joyous ... oh, and pretty loud.

Miracles at Summer Camp in Malawi

Emmanuel was not looking forward to camp. As an albino living in Malawi, he was used to other children always making fun of him. So a sleep-away camp with 350 other teenagers did not sound like fun. 

But one of the speakers at the camp spoke of the love of God, and how the teens should all show that love to their neighbors. He encouraged everyone to focus on their future and move forward, despite the challenges of the past. After the speech, Emmanuel was personally inspired and challenged to move forward with his life despite his challenges.

Way to Be One!

In the last two months, 265 of you stepped up to sponsor children. Because of you, these children will all be able to begin school this fall! 

Many of you new sponsors shared your testimonies, explaining what led you to sponsor a child. Because we had a goal of 500 sponsors, we counted each of you. Many of you took fun photos with your numbers to go along with your testimonies.

Here are some of your photos and stories. Thank you for making this campaign a success for the children!

Sharing the Gospel Through Camp in Sierra Leone

The photos are in from camp in Sierra Leone! Thanks to generous sponsors, children in three villages got to attend a two-day camp in their area. We also held a camp for children who live near our ministry center in Ngolala, and a youth camp for teens, at the minsitry center as well. 

Our summer interns helped lead the camps, and sent back these great photos for you. Enjoy!

Sponsorship: It Might Just Change Your Life

Most of our stories focus on how child sponsorship changes children's lives. But this time, we asked YOU, the sponsors, how sending in $32 a month to help a child has actually changed YOUR life. Everyone had a story to share. Here are a few:

Thank You For Camp!

Last week, children of all ages from every community we serve in the Dominican Republic got to go to camp! Because of your generous gifts, more than 700 children were able to attend camp this summer! Here are some highlights:

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