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Four Creative Prayer Prompts for You

One of the best things you can do for your sponsored child is pray for them. But it’s not always easy to know how. Your child is so far away, and honestly, our lives are busy. But we know how important prayer is, so here are a few creative prayer prompts for you and your family.

Why Is My Sponsored Child Wearing That?

As you hang the photo of your sponsored child on your fridge you might wonder, is my child happy and healthy? By looking at this photo, what can you learn about your child from the clothes she is wearing? Here are answers to some questions you might have:

How Sponsorship Made Me Beautiful: Christina's Story

No one thought Christina would be chosen. Only three representatives from the entire primary school were going to the reading competition, and eleven-year-old Christina was in the remedial class. 

Why Your Child Is Not Smiling

You know the feeling. You finally get an update from your sponsored child. You feel that there's a photo inside—so you rush to open it. Only to find that your child looks miserable. No smile. Again.

Joining My Sponsored Child's Family, Two Socks at a Time

“Aunty, let me launder your socks.”

“Oh Titus, don’t worry, they are fine. See! I did not wet them.”

A serious, earnest look from the boy in front of me, then we quietly go back to rinsing dishes in front of his wood and mud house. I steal a glance at the head bent over our plastic bowl of murky, sudsy water.

God Chose My Sponsored Child for Me

Almost everyone on Chelsea’s Venture Trip to Malawi already sponsored a child there. At the team meetings and on the flights over, they gabbed cheerfully about what it would be like to reunite with their sponsored child or see them for the first time. But not Chelsea. She still didn’t know who she was there to meet. 

Love Risks

I sat on the plane to Sierra Leone, thought about meeting my sponsored child, and cried.

You see, a child I sponsored once broke my heart. 

Recipes from Africa: Groundnut Stew

Ever wonder what your sponsored child eats every day? If your child is from Sierra Leone, chances are this rich, fragrant peanut stew is part of their staple diet. Peanuts—or groundnuts, as they call them—are a major crop for small farmers in Sierra Leone. They are also a great source of protein!

Three Surprises Meeting My Sponsored Child

I work for Children of the Nations, so I thought I knew what to expect when I went to meet my sponsored child. I've answered tons of questions about child sponsorship, written countless appeals for letters and love, and put together several stories about sponsors meeting their kids. But when the day came for me to actually meet my sponsored child, there were a lot of things that surprised me. Here's what I wasn't expecting:

Your Support Saves Entire Families

It all happened so fast. Ney's father was coming home from working all day—selling small items on the street. It's always dangerous driving a motorcycle through the crowded streets of the Dominican Republic, where few people obey traffic rules and even fewer wear helmets. Somehow, he had always made it home fine, and he wasn't worried. 

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