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Small Gifts, Big Changes, Thanks to You!

During the Christmas season (and beyond!), many of you gave to COTN's children through our gift catalog—generously showing God's love through everything from cows to Bibles. Thank you.

Below are the stories of three children in Sierra Leone whose lives have been affected by some of the gifts you gave—things that we might take for granted but that make huge differences in their lives.


Thank You for the Mosquito Nets!

Great news! Since September, people like you have given almost $9,000 to provide mosquito nets for children in Africa and the Caribbean. 

How You’re Putting Malaria in the Past

The memory of Jacklyne’s last bout with malaria still rests in the back of her mind. But thankfully, that’s all malaria is for her now—a memory. “Since last year, when I got my mosquito net, I’ve never gotten sick from malaria,” she says with a smile. 

Your Shoes Reach Sierra Leone

Last fall, we shared an urgent need with you. All 500 children in our Sierra Leone Village Partnership Program needed new shoes for school. With just a few weeks before our shipping container was scheduled to depart for Sierra Leone, people all over Kitsap County and Seattle rallied. In just days, we watched a huge bin fill as dozens of individuals stopped by our headquarters with their donations.

Celebrating the Mosquito Nets You Gave!

Center Day is a day to invite parents, siblings, and the whole surrounding community to celebrate and learn about the transformation people like you are bringing through Children of the Nations (COTN). In Uganda, where Venture participants organized the first-ever COTN Center Day almost two years ago, these celebrations are a regular occurrence. 

Your Meals Provide Timely Aid in Malawi

This year, the people of Malawi are facing severe hunger. More than 1.6 million Malawians will need food aid —almost eight times more than last year—according to the World Food Program.

Your Shoes and Meals Reach Haiti

On October 13, 2012, people from all over Orange County, California, came together to change children's lives.  In one day, 750 people gathered in the warehouse of local business Applied Medical and packaged more than 80,000 meals to send to children in Haiti.  Volunteers loaded the meals, along with shoes and SmilePacks® filled with hygiene and school supplies, into a shipping container to be sent to needy children in Haiti.

Saturdays in Sierra Leone

As a Children of the Nations (COTN) international liaison, Mark Drennan splits his time between Banta, Sierra Leone, and Belfast, Northern Ireland.  He recently wrote about his typical Saturday in Banta, and the huge impact your resources, support, and prayers are making on our education programs there.  

The Gift of Life: Bibles Bless Children in the Dominican Republic

Walter had never heard the story of Jesus when he began attending school through the Children of the Nations (COTN) child sponsorship program in his community.  But at school he began hearing about this strange man—the miracles he performed, his teachings, his love.  At first, Walter was confused.  "Sometimes I didn't understand the Bible classes," he explains.  Walter went home from class with no one to explain these stories to him, and nowhere to go for answers.

Small Nets Make Big Differences

You've probably heard the saying, "If you don't think small things can make a big difference, try spending the night with a mosquito in the room."

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