How Well Do You Know Malawi? (Fun Quiz)

1. July 6 is Malawi’s Independence Day. From which European country did Malawi declare its independence?
     a. France
     b. Spain
     c. Belgium
     d. the United Kingdom 

How Well Do You Know Sierra Leone? (Fun Quiz)

1. What does the name Sierra Leone mean?
         A. Lion Mountains
         B. Noble Desert
         C. Deep Riverbed
         D. Leopard’s Savannah

How Well Do You Know Uganda? (Fun Quiz)

1. What is the name of Uganda's capital city? 
a. Nairobi
b. Kigali
c. Dodoma
d. Kampala

How Well Do You Know Haiti? (Fun Quiz)

1. The Haitian flag is full of symbolism. The blue and red stripes represent the African heritage and multi-ethnic backgrounds of the population. The coat of arms symbolizes the willingness and ability of Haiti’s people to fight for their country and their freedom. And the scroll is inscribed with L’Union Fait La Force, which means. . . .

How Well Do You Know the Dominican Republic? (Fun Quiz)

1. The most popular sport in the Dominican Republic is ______.

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