Children's Stories

You are Showing Catherine What Love Means

Eleven-year-old Catherine closes her eyes as she recalls the worst part of life after her parents died.  

An End to the Pain: Emma's Story

Everything in Emma's life seemed to be fighting against her. It started when she was just a baby. Her father died when Emma was one, leaving her family devastated. From that day on, food and clothing were everyday struggles for Emma and her three older siblings. "It was really hard to have two meals per day," she remembers.

How You’re Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for Antonia

"The situation in my life is hard," begins 11-year-old Antonia. "Life is hard for me because my mother is out, and my father doesn't work," she explains. Then she smiles as she thinks of the difference people like you have made in her life. "Actually, it is not so hard as it was before I was part of COTN's program," she says.

A Surprise Guest Says Thank You

The children finished their dance and song, breathless as they put all their energy into the performance. Children of the Nations (COTN) Founders Chris and Debbie Clark had just arrived in Mtsiliza Village in Malawi, and the children did their very best to show their gratitude and excitement with their welcoming performance. 

A Bigger Family Than They Ever Hoped For

Osman was eight years old, and his sister Hawa was only six, when their father died from kidney disease.  Their mother was very sick as well—too sick to care for her children. At that time, Hawa and Osman didn't know where their next meal would come from. They had no hope for their future. But today, thanks to you, their lives look very different.

Your Medical Care Brings Healing and Joy to Charly and His Family

When eight-year-old Charly fell sick, his mother did what she had been doing for years. With no money to bring him to the hospital, she scraped together all her spare cash and brought him to every cheap clinic in the area. Mostly makeshift offices selling a few drugs, none of them were able to help.

Thank You for Being My Family: Jeneba's Story

Jeneba giggles and looks down when asked her favorite thing about Children of the Nations (COTN). But she doesn't hesitate when she gives her answer. "I love my precious family here," she says, thinking of her brothers and sisters at the Banta Children's Village, all the Venture participants who come to visit her, her sponsors, and most of all, the COTN–Sierra Leone staff.

Your Support Inspires Junior to Care for Others

Everything changed when Junior's father died. Once one of the better-off families in his village in Malawi—meaning simply that his parents could afford to feed their children three meals each day—Junior and his two siblings suddenly had no one to provide for their needs. 

Would You Like To Hear My Story?

The drums beat a rhythm followed by the voices of the dancers. It is Center Day in Sierra Leone—a day of outreach to the local community through song, dance, games, and other activities. Hundreds of people look on as the recently formed Children of the Nations (COTN) Cultural Dance Troupe glide, shake, and spin through their well-choreographed display.

Your Support Keeps Kadothi in School

Before sponsors and partners like you came into Kadothi's life, her mother struggled to feed her family.  A single mother, she relied on a small garden to produce food for her four daughters.  "Because we couldn't manage to buy seeds and tools, we didn't harvest enough," Kadothi's mother explains. 

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