Children's Stories

A Girl's Fate, Changed Because of You

"Without your support, Sikileti would have been married by now." Chikondi Kadongola's face becomes serious as he sits next to the eighth-grade girl in front of her home in Malawi. As a Children of the Nations (COTN) Village Partnership Program Coordinator, he knows that sadly this is the case for too many girls like her. Unable to afford education, they drop out of school and get married—sometimes as young as thirteen—in order to survive. 

School at Last! Saphalouna's Story

Marie's life was pretty typical for a young woman in Haiti. A single mother of four, she lived in a small home made of cheap concrete—mixed with sand to stretch the material farther. That's what everyone did, and she didn't think much of it. 

"God Opened a Door For Me": Susan's Story

Susan's days were long and difficult before she became part of Children of the Nations' child sponsorship program in Uganda. She was only six, and yet she says, "I had a lot of responsibilities, like an adult." 

The Power of Sponsorship: Christian's Story

When Christian first came to live in Children of the Nations' (COTN) Children's Home in Sierra Leone, he never smiled. Severely malnourished with decaying teeth, Christian was a sight to see.

Making Beautiful Music: Wascar’s Story

The music from Wascar’s saxophone floats through the air. His mother sits proudly beside him, and can’t stop smiling. Eleven-year-old Wascar is a budding musician in the village of Altagracia, Dominican Republic, and also hopes to become a doctor when he gets older. His school principal, Wilson Cuevas, thinks Wascar has a good shot at accomplishing these goals. “He’s the most responsible student in the program,” Wilson says.

A Sponsor's Journey Continues: Meet Alfred

Alfred is a shy seven-year-old but he doesn’t hesitate when asked where he would be if he wasn't sponsored. “On the farm,” he says. 

The Schoolgirl Under the Tree: Vicky's Story

It’s the middle of the day in the village of Anai-Okii, Uganda, and you notice something peculiar. School is in session, so all the kids are in class except for the ones who can’t afford tuition. Dressed in rags, they sit by the side of the road and stare at you with empty eyes. But that’s not the strange part. 

Meet Baby Kalebu!

If you've been to our Chitipi Farm Children's Home in Malawi, you know Kalebu. Only one and a half years old, he's the baby of the family there, and his "brothers" and "sisters" at the Children's Home love him. And with his biological brother Thomas, the two make quite an adorable, spunky pair. 

Lifted Out of Danger: Janet's Story

You can learn a lot about a child from her favorite Bible story. Janet's is the story of Moses being rescued from the water. 

"An Honor I Had Never Dreamt Of": Jonathan's Graduation Day

"Had it been that someone ten years ago told me that I would graduate from secondary school, I would not agree to such a thing, since I had no one to give me support so that I could attend school," says Jonathan of Malawi. 

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