Children's Stories

A Year of Good Works Pays Off

A flood of kindergarten and nursery school-age children rush into the tarp shelter. At the helm is Marc Antoine Michel, the energetic and loving Village Partnership Program coordinator in Haiti. A host of parents herd the children from the sides, helping them into their seats as they get ready for their after-school activities. And running around helping everyone with anything they need is a young teenager. 

Your Farm Gifts Change Lives

As he carefully places a watermelon seed beneath the warm earth in Sierra Leone, Gabriel smiles. He knows the seed will sprout into a plant, which will produce fruit—a delicious snack for him and his friends. 

Welcoming Others as He Was Welcomed: Spengy's Story

If you travel to Sierra Leone with Children of the Nations (COTN), a tall young man with a warm smile will greet you like you are family. Throughout your time there, you may see him in the kitchen, serving you, or supervising a small group of Sierra Leonean teenagers as they clean, cook, and serve you and your team. 

Thank You for Sponsoring Me: Lydia's Story

Lydia dreaded the first day of school in Uganda

A Chat with Our First African College Grad

Graduating from university is quite an accomplishment for anyone. But for an orphaned girl in Africa, it’s downright amazing. 

God Always Watches Over Us: Walquidea's Story

The bell rings and the children rush out of class to lunch. Twelve-year-old Walquidea heaps her plate high—she's not sure if she will have dinner at home tonight. 

God Does Not Abandon Us: Sarah's Story

Sarah couldn't believe her eyes. In front of her was the most beautiful bed she had ever seen. "I was shocked when they told me it was my own!" she laughs, remembering the moment she realized she would be sleeping in a real bed for the first time. 

Your Care Prepares Girls to Change their Country

It should have all gone wrong for Flora and Rabecca. The odds were stacked against the twin sisters when they were infants and their parents died. 

A Miraculous Surgery for Amaranta

When Meliana found out that her 14-year-old granddaughter had a severe heart condition and needed surgery to survive, she says, "I trembled with fear." 

Teddy Stays in School, Thanks to You

Teddy couldn’t focus on her school teacher’s lesson because she was trying to find a way to sneak out. She loved being in school, but her mother had left dinner cooking over the fire, and Teddy was worried. It was the only food Teddy and her family would get to eat that day, and if she didn’t get home soon, it would be burned.

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