Children's Stories

The Four-Year-Old Who Slept on the Street

Beatrice's favorite Bible story is that of Moses. This quiet six-year-old doesn't hesitate when asked why. "It teaches us that God protects us in difficult times until we reach our destiny," she says. 

God Made a Way Where There Was No Way: Alice's Story

Alice's mother died when she was three years old. "Since that day, my survival depended only on those who prayed for me and took pity on me, especially the COTN family," Alice says. 

A Place for Every Child to Excel

The church goes quiet as Spengy, a Children of the Nations (COTN) sponsored child and the youth leader of the church, calls for testimonies. "What has happened in your life that you want to tell God thank you for?" He invites the congregation to share. 

Sponsorship Teaches Stiven About Love, Peace, and Respect

Life is hard for boys like Stiven in the impoverished village of Pueblo Nuevo, Dominican Republic. In this part of the world, boys learn at an early age to be scrappy, act tough, and do whatever is necessary to survive. Stiven’s future did not look much better than his father’s, who works as a chiripero—someone who does odd jobs no one wants, including work as a freelance security guard protecting properties with only a machete. 

A Refugee No More: Oscar of Uganda


How Sponsorship Made Me Beautiful: Christina's Story

No one thought Christina would be chosen. Only three representatives from the entire primary school were going to the reading competition, and eleven-year-old Christina was in the remedial class. 

The Only Deaf Boy in the Village

Alhaji and Mohamed sit in the resource library, waiting for their bus back to school. They wait silently, but every once in a while, when one of them has something to say, he signs to the other and smiles.

God Rescues Us from Our Affliction: Olga's Story

Ten-year-old Olga had the responsibilities of an adult. Her mother was too sick to do any housework, and Olga was the oldest girl, leaving her with the responsibility of running the house. 

Taking the Next Step of Faith: Solomon's Story

Solomon is strong, smart, and tall. But he's anything but outgoing. Which is why any time an opportunity came up to share in front of a crowd, Solomon shrank to the back. 

When You Educate the Girl Child, You Educate the Whole Nation

If it was not for you, Mariatu would have ended her education years ago. She began school when she was seven years old, but it was a challenge for her parents to find the money to send her. "My parents found it difficult to enroll me at school," she says.  

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