President's Message

International President Chris Clark

To our COTN Family and Friends,

Children of the Nations (COTN) is a movement of people committed to a single vision, Raising Children Who Transform Nations. This God-given vision directs our passion to see children and their nations transformed. By focusing on each child and their needs, COTN has built a ministry in each country where we serve. By mobilizing national and international partners, a worldwide family has formed around our children. Our hope is that each child will take what they have learned and become an agent of transformation in their nation.

Our approach to accomplishing this vision is to rescue the most desperate children who have tasted the misery of poverty or death and bring them into a caring worldwide family to teach them transformational truths by the example of a host of national and international staff and volunteers. Our desire is to increase each child’s opportunities for success. In addition, we long to extend our care to the communities in which our children live and to partner with caregivers in ways that create sustainability. We involve you, our US and international partners, to use your gifts, time, and talents to participate in the lives of our children. Therefore, whether you are participating as staff, volunteering, or serving in one of our countries, we are all showing love to our children. You are our family and your contribution to this movement of people is significant in the lives of many, many children.

As a Christian charity, we are dependent upon God’s Spirit for leading, guiding, providing, and sustaining this work. We believe He never leads us to a place that he has not already gone. This is a work HE prepared for us to walk in (Ephesians 2:10) and that HE alone sustains. We understand that the diversity of who we are as a movement of people provides a greater capacity for us to care for the children in a holistic manner—physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially. We believe this holistic, Christ-centered approach will allow our children to experience personal transformation and become the advocates for change in their nations.

Thank you for your contribution to this movement of people and to the forming and shaping of many young lives for Christ and His Kingdom. We invite you to learn more about Children of the Nations through this website. Come join us!

For the Children,

Chris Clark
Founder and CEO