Children of the Nations has partnered with numerous organizations, foundations, and churches to accomplish the mission of raising children who transform nations. (Each individual country office has established in-country partnerships as well). Many individuals and organizations informally partner with Children of the Nations on a one-time or ongoing basis. Visit our Partners in Action section to see what they've been up to.

African Bible College (ABC)
African Bible College offers quality, university-level education with a Christian emphasis to the people of East and Central Africa. The primary goal of African Bible College is to train godly men and women for Christian leadership and service.

Bird-B-Gone Inc.
Mission Viejo, California-based Bird-B-Gone Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of bird repellent products, has partnered with Children of the Nations in our effort to begin ministry in Liberia, and in our ministry in Sierra Leone. Bird-B-Gone owner Bruce Donoho spent two years of his childhood in Liberia and joined COTN founder Chris Clark on a vision trip to the country in May 2010. Bird-B-Gone’s marketing team has also donated its time and talent to COTN’s communications and marketing department.

Blessings International heals the hurting globally and locally by providing life-saving pharmaceuticals, vitamins and medical supplies to medical mission teams, clinics and hospitals. Blessings International provides COTN medical Venture Teams with strategic medicines and supplies to give to COTN clinics, surgery teams, and community health assessment programs.
Clean the World is a charitable organization that collects leftover soap and shampoo from hotels and recycles them for distribution to those in need. Clean the World helps COTN by offering discounted soap for our various hand-washing needs. They also support our Hygiene SmilePacks® program.

Cornerstone Church
Uncle to board member Michael Jungkeit, Pastor Jerry Rueb and his wife have been involved with Children of the Nations for many years. Cornerstone Church in Long Beach, California, supports many of our programs in Africa. They sponsor many of our children and have even flown some children in to speak and perform at their church.

David C. Cook’s Global Mission Program is a nonprofit organization that serves the global church by providing Christian resources to ministry programs. The organization partners with COTN to offer curriculum from their Children at Risk program, which is specifically designed to help address the physical and spiritual trauma endured by children and youth in developing countries.

Esperanza International
Esperanza International is a nonprofit organization that provides small loans to people in developing nations who wish to start or expand a small business to earn money and stimulate their local economy. Children of the Nations has partnered with Esperanza to provide loans to several people in the Dominican Republic.  Esperanza’s mission is “to free children and their families from poverty through initiatives that generate income, education, and health, restoring self-worth and dignity to those who have lost hope.”

Originally called Hosanna, Faith Comes by Hearing is a ministry whose goal is to spread God’s Word to every corner of the globe. They provide COTN with audio Bibles to reach the illiterate with the gospel in their own language.
Faith Evangelical College and Seminary in Tacoma, Washington, helps COTN provide training for ministry leaders before they enter the field.
Feed the Children is a nonprofit organization whose main purpose is to bring an end to childhood hunger. Through generous donors, Feed the Children provides our Village Partnership Program in Malawi with Vitameal, a fortified rice that includes many of the important nutrients that impoverished children often lack.

Flood Church
Based in San Diego, California, Flood Church is a major supporter of our ministry in Malawi, Haiti, and Uganda. Pastor Matt Hammett and wife Roxanne sponsor some of our children and are very strong supporters of our child sponsorship program. Flood Church members sponsor more than 100 of our children, and we have even flown children in to their church to speak and perform. They have sent a large number of teams and interns to Malawi, Uganda, and Haiti.

Since 2003, Food for Kidz has been bringing nutritious meals to people in need. They provided packaged meals for our Ebola response in Sierra Leone in 2014, and are an ongoing source of meals and supplies for our feeding programs.

GracePoint Church
GracePoint Church (formerly Silverdale Baptist), located in Bremerton, Washington, initially partnered with Children of the Nations through COTN board member Michael Jungkeit. Pastor Barry Bandara is a strong Children of the Nations supporter. GracePoint Church supports many of our programs, and thanks to the very involved congregation, we held one of our most successful sponsorship campaigns there.

The Grove
Located in the warm and beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, The Grove has a special focus for ministry in Malawi. Their pastor, Palmer Chinchen, was a missionary kid with Chris Clark, our president and founder, while they were both growing up in Liberia. The Grove sponsors children in Africa, and has sent teams to Malawi and supported Children of the Nations through resource gathering.

Harbor Covenant Church
Harbor Covenant Church is located in Gig Harbor, Washington, and is a longtime supporter of Children of the Nations. They have sent teams and consultants, and are home to some very strong supporters of our ministry in the Dominican Republic, which is the primary focus for this church. They have financially supported us and are passionate about our Challenge Children’s program, providing equipment and resources to our children and staff in-country.

Highlands Dominican Republic is a retreat and Bible camp center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. They partner with COTN to minister to children through Vacation Bible School programs and other youth camps.

Independent Bible Church
Port Angeles, Washington-based Independent Bible Church has been involved with Children of the Nations right from the beginning. The head pastor of this church, Mike Jones, is on our board of directors. Independent Bible Church has sent teams to the Dominican Republic and Sierra Leone, sponsors many of our children, and has helped on a number of projects.

Keyport Bible Church
Keyport Bible Church, in Keyport, Washington, has been involved with the ministry of Children of the Nations almost since the very beginning. They support many of our programs, and Pastor Bruce Ludlow and his wife Gayleen have both volunteered for us. Bruce is our former finance director, and Gayleen used to lead medical Venture Teams to the Dominican Republic. Keyport Bible Church, home to several of our staff, began supporting the Dominican Republic, but eventually branched out and now also supports programs in Sierra Leone, sending teams to both countries.

Kids Against Hunger
Kids Against Hunger is a nonprofit organization with the mission to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed hungry children throughout the world.

Kids Fighting Hunger
Kids Fighting Hunger, of St Cloud, Minnesota, partners with COTN to send nutritious meals and SmilePacks in container shipments to our countries. In the fall of 2014, KFH joined COTN in the effort of supporting Ebola affected communities in Sierra Leone by supplying much needed food and hygiene supplies for distribution in Moyamba and Freetown districts.

LAMb International is an organization that seeks to provide others with the training to be the most effective ministry workers they can be. They partner with COTN to develop curriculum for our staff and volunteers as they minister to others.
Through the power of individual communities, Let Them LOL seeks to provide clean water for the 1 billion people in the world who do without. In 2009, Let Them LOL built their first well in Sierra Leone, Africa. Now, Let Them LOL partners with COTN–Sierra Leone to provide wells in our VPP communities. The organization also supports our medical partner, Serabu Hospital and Eye Clinic.

Market Colors
Florida-based Market Colors is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of impoverished people in Africa by selling products created by African craftsmen. Market Colors has partnered with Children of the Nations to sell products created by women in COTN’s Widows Program in Malawi, thereby giving these women a broader source of income to support their families.

newlife church
The people of newlife church in Silverdale, Washington, have partnered with Children of the Nations for several years. They have hosted guests from our ministry sites, organized SmilePack® drives, participated in Meal Marathons, and hosted church-wide child sponsorship events.

NiceServe (Orlando) 
NiceServe is a Christian ministry event that connects volunteers with nonprofits and service projects, enabling them to serve in their local communities. They are passionate about showing the love of Christ through their actions in a way that encourages individual dignity and positive affirmation.

North Kitsap Baptist
North Kitsap Baptist Church in Poulsbo, Washington, supports missionaries traveling to our countries, and has sent teams to the Dominican Republic in addition to providing financial support.

Created by the reThink Group, Orange is a children’s ministry curriculum that focuses on family roles in childhood growth. They partner with COTN by offering their 252 Basics and XP3 curriculums for our children and youth programs.

Peninsula Bible Fellowship
Located in Bremerton, Washington, Peninsula Bible Fellowship (PBF) is considered home church to many staff members at Children of the Nations. When our organization was founded in 1995, PBF provided for our initial budget and support for our first missionaries. PBF has been a long-standing partner and to date a significant portion of their missions budget is designated to Children of the Nations. Peninsula Bible Fellowship faithfully supports all of our countries and often sends teams, interns, and consultants.

Physician Crossroads
Physician Crossroads connects health care professionals with medical practices and provides an abundance of resources for the various elements involved with health care, from advice on liability insurance to question-and-answer features and forums designed to bring together the world’s medical professionals.

Presbyterian Church of the Master
Presbyterian Church of the Master, known as PCOM to its members, is located in Orange County, California. PCOM has partnered with Children of the Nations for more than a decade, initially supporting our ministry in the Dominican Republic and later branching out into Sierra Leone. In 1997 Assistant Pastor Jon McKaegue visited Sierra Leone, and today PCOM sends teams and interns to all our countries. PCOM members sponsor many children in our countries, support our Resource Program, and have flown our children in to perform and speak at their church.

Real Life Church
Real Life Church is located in Valencia, California, and has partnered with Children of the Nations since 2007. Their focus is primarily in Uganda, and they sent the first team that began construction on the Uganda Children’s Village in Lira. They have both directly and financially assisted in the construction of the Children’s Village, sponsor many of the children who are living in our Children’s Homes, and have contributed a considerable amount of resources to Uganda. Rev. James Okalo Ekwang, COTN–Uganda Country Director, has visited California and spoken at Real Life, and they continue to be a major supporter of our Uganda ministry.

Renew Outreach creates solar-powered technology that enables ministry organizations to spread the good news of the gospel in all areas of the world. With this technology, they equip COTN with audio and visual tools for reaching our children and their communities with the Word of God.
With over 1.2 million members, Rotary International works through individual community Rotary clubs to create positive change all over the world. Rotary International has funded latrine-building projects for Big John's Primary School in Malawi. The local Lilongwe Rotary club usually provides meals around Christmastime for the children at COTN’s Chitipi Home.
The Selah Center is a community-oriented group that offers a place to rest and grow in a thoughtful, loving environment. They help train our staff, pastors, and other leaders by sharing wisdom and encouraging individual interaction with God.

Sequim Valley Foursquare Church
Sequim Valley Foursquare Church in Sequim, Washington, has built a connection with our ministry in the Dominican Republic. Led by Mike Van Proyen, this church has helped with projects, connected us with the Sequim Rotary, and helped us with our skills center in Barahona, specifically in funding, coordinating, and traveling overseas to help construct the bakery.

Serving in Mission (SIM)
Serving In Mission is a community of God's people who delight to worship him and are passionate about the Gospel, seeking to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. Their purpose is to glorify God by planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches around the world.

Soroptomist International is a volunteer-driven organization whose goal is to empower women and girls all over the world. Their Anacortes, Washington, chapter partners with COTN to help distribute mosquito nets for malaria prevention in our Children's Homes and VPP communities.

Strong Films
Based in Orlando, Florida, Strong Films strives to make films that move and inspire people. Filmmaker Jon Strong has visited COTN countries on Venture Trips, and continues to work with COTN to produce promotional videos that motivate new partners to act on behalf of our children. 

Summit Church
Based in Orlando, Florida, Summit Church has been involved with Children of the Nations for several years, and is home church to most of our Florida staff. Summit's primary focus is Malawi, where they send teams and interns. They have also coordinated events to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and education issues in Malawi.

Sylvan Way Baptist
Sylvan Way Baptist in Bremerton, Washington, has been involved with Children of the Nations since 1996. A team of people from this church helped build COTN's very first children's home in Sierra Leone. Pastor Rick Glomstead has traveled to Sierra Leone with COTN, led pastors conferences, financially supported COTN's mission, and sponsored many children.

University Presbyterian Church
Seattle-based University Presbyterian Church has a heart for the Dominican Republic, and has sent a number of college teams to serve COTN children there.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) exists to coordinate and maintain national security. The DOD provides a grant to COTN for ocean transport of shipping containers to Sierra Leone.
World Vision is an international Christian partnership whose goal is to transform struggling communities worldwide and teach them the good news of the gospel. Their Malawi division has donated numerous items for children and families in our Village Partnership Program (VPP) communities. The Christian Commitments Director at World Vision Malawi has served on our Malawi board of directors.
Since 1941, Young Life has been working with children to build relationships and bring them the gospel’s message of hope. They are passionate about getting to know children as individuals and teaching them about God’s unconditional love. Young Life helps COTN develop Christ-centered curriculum for our children.
YWAM is an international Christian ministry organization that seeks to make God known all over the globe. Volunteers come to our Chitipi Home in Malawi weekly to offer Discipleship Training School (DTS), a program that helps students find personal spiritual growth in God’s plans for mankind.
As a part of Youth With a Mission, YWAM Publishing is a nonprofit resource for Christian print materials whose goal is to provide high quality Christian books, tracts, and other publications all over the world. They offer COTN printed resources at discounted prices.