Holistic Care

In order to raise healthy, well-rounded children we believe that the whole child must be cared for. Children of the Nations emphasizes holistic care, addressing physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth in all of our children. We seek to create an environment that meets the child’s basic needs, encourages their individual desires and passions, and promotes excellence in achievement.

Physical Needs
We meet our children’s physical needs by providing nourishing food, vitamin supplements, medical and dental care, and sports programs that emphasize physical fitness. Whether provided through our family-style Children’s Homes or our Village Partnership Program, our children’s physical health is of utmost priority.

Educational Needs
Our children’s educational needs are addressed through quality education (preschool through university), skills training for those geared toward vocational careers, and a Challenge Children’s program for children with special needs. Education is key to raising children who will transform their nations.

Social Needs
Within each child is the desire to know who they are, where they are from, and how they fit into the world. We recognize the value of culture, therefore our children are raised by caregivers of their own culture, in their own country. Traditional ethnic music, dance, storytelling, and dress are encouraged as an important part of their heritage. By partnering with village or community leaders, our children grow up with strong ties to their communities. We also provide opportunities for our children (especially our orphaned children) to maintain connections with relatives or extended families.

Spiritual Needs
Through sound Biblical training, evangelistic activities and outreaches (such as summer camps and youth retreats), scripture memory, devotionals, worship, and discipleship, our children are introduced to Jesus Christ and taught of His love for them. Our desire is to raise children who demonstrate a vibrant and authentic faith in Jesus Christ.