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Children of the Nations

Children of the Nations–UK and Ireland was launched in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2012. Since that time, our growing group of supporters have been incredibly faithful in sharing their talents and resources with the children we serve together, inspired by our vision of raising children who transform nations.

Children of the Nations is led in the UK and Ireland by Mark Drennan. Mark grew up in Monaghan, lives in Belfast, and began serving with Children of the Nations in Sierra Leone in 2008. Oversight is provided by our Board of Trustees and energy by our wonderful volunteers! 
Mark says, "Children of the Nations is about partnership and family. It is a movement of people, each one using what they have in their hand—their time, their resources, their prayers, their talents—for the holistic care of the children!”
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About Our Work

It has been really encouraging to see so many people from the UK and Ireland get involved with the Children of the Nations family.  Here are a few things that our supporters and volunteers have been involved in over the last number of years. To God be the glory!
  • Medical teams have travelled to Sierra Leone to train staff, complete checkups, and provide dental services. 
  • Urban planning partners have helped draft a master plan for our main ministry site in Sierra Leone.
  • Our annual "University Cycle" event has seen volunteers in Belfast, Glasgow, London, and Dublin peddle thousands of miles to raise financial support for university students in Malawi.
  • Funds were raised during the Ebola crisis to support the launching of our Interim Care Centre in Sierra Leone and purchase a motorcycle needed to conduct vital social work there.
  • Resources have been gathered and shared with the children we care for, from school textbooks and clothes to toothbrushes and paste.
  • Partnerships have been secured to help our students in the Dominican Republic develop the kinds of entrepreneurial skills needed to provide for themselves and their families.
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